Da Nang evening food small group tour by motorbike

  • Da Nang evening food small group tour by motorbike
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Da Nang evening food small group tour by motorbike

Vietnam becomes more and more attractive because of the foods. Do you know what makes Vietnamese food so special? There are many delicious dishes you can try when you come here. Each region has its own special local dish .Vietnamese foods are very fresh and good for health. The Vietnamese cook their food in many ways. There are many famous dishes you must try such as: phở, bánh mì, bún thịt nướng, bánh xèo, mì quảng, café trứng, sea food, barbeque. I am sure you will love it because they are really delicious.

– This tour will give you a chance to discover local food and a perfect choice to see and try local food which you would not get if you were just a tourist walking around by your self .

– The tour starts at 4:30 pm, around 4 hours tour in the city center near the Dragon Bridge. From there, your guide will lead you through the heart of the city to various food locales. A brief walk between the different food spots lets you soak in the city atmosphere while getting ready for the next tasty dish. At each spot, you’ll learn about the dish, how it’s made, why it’s famous in Da Nang and most importantly, how to eat it!

– We’re a team of passionate young guides have strong love with the local cuisine. We’ll share all knowledge and experience that we have to you.

– Our guides was super friendly and kind. Besides, you also have the opportunity to travel around the city by motorbike and enjoy the nightlife in this city.

– Tour is so impressive, fun and unique

– The tour is designed to give you a taste of foods – history – culture – nature .

– Small-group tour limited to 10 people

What I’ll provide:

+ Food

+ Go sightseeing around city and visit some bridges

+ Go by motorbike with local guide

What you should bring:

+ Empty stomach

+ Comfortable outfit

+ Camera or mobile phone to capture your moments .

What’s Included

All food on tour

Local guide

Bottled water

Coffee and or Tea

Motorbike, helmet

All tickets

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